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Water's Edge has been growing and propagating aquatic plants since 1994 and opened for business in 1998. Our location in Colorado is at high elevation and provides our plants with an exceptional hardy environment. This has allowed us to select plants that can survive and thrive in a cool, high altitude climate. "If it can survive here it can survive about anywhere!"

The new owners, Joshua and Beth Powner (mother and son team), are excited to bring their over 40 years experience into Water's Edge. Beth has been working in greenhouses for 30 years propagating perennials, annuals, decorative flower gardens and pots. Josh has been working in landscaping including water garden design, installation, and repairs along with outdoor living spaces for over 18 years.

Water's Edge is now offering water garden design, installation, and maintenance. Our desings brings natures look into your backyard and are built to operate year round. Installations include pondless waterfalls, various sized ponds from whiskey barrels to fly fishing ponds, living pools, bubbling rocks including manmade rock features, fountains, and edible aquatic gardens.

Suzy continues to advise on water gardening propagation with Josh and Beth. Their combined experience of greenhouse managment and gardening, landscaping, and specific aquatic plant gardening and propagation provides the strongest water gardening experience in Colorado's Front Range.

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How To Find Water's Edge?

We are on the east side of Colorado Springs near the intersection of Powers and Platte Boulevards. We are just 1.5 hours from southern Denver.

Our address is 605 Ford Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80915

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