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Water's Edge provides many on-site services.  These services include:

Initial Plant Installation - Placing the proper plants in the correct location in the pond and stream.

Spring Maintenance - Raising lilies, trimming marginals, fertilizing existing plants, and identifying possible ways to refresh the pond with new plant stands including tropicals.

Monthly Summer Maintenance -Trim dead foliage, fertilize plants as needed, light cleanup of debris in pond. 

Winterizing Plants - Cut back marginal plants, remove tropical plants, lower water lilies and other semi-hardy plants and light cleanup of debris for the winter.

Consultation Services

Our experienced staff also provides a wealth of information to our clients regarding aquatic plant care during the extreme weather conditions such as over-wintering and other simple lessons learned from years of water gardening and service experience.

Consultation Services are available.  Ponds and streams will be analyzed to determine which plants will do best for the given situations.  Considerations such as pond depth, sun/shade, water movement, filtration, surface coverage and such are some of the factors analyzed for best plant selection.  Options will be discussed with owner for final plant selections.

Existing  ponds can also be analyzed for "remodeling".  Pond edging, streams and plant selections can give your pond a new and natural look.  Bog filters can be incorporated using various hardy bog plants to help with algae control.  Edging plants can be used to help the transition from water to soil. 

Key Benifits

1 - Best plant selections for location and to meet owner's need
2 - Provide general water gardening expertise, answer pond owner's questions
3 - Provide plant care instructions and pond maintenance

Capabilities & Expertise

Provide plant options to suit your needs and all the needed information to maintain a beautiful pond with the least amount of work for the pond owner. Largest selection of aquatic plants in the Rocky Mountain region.


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